5 beauty-instagrams from make-up artist Yulya Zalesskaya

Text: BURSA / 11.10 14:57

For all the beauty addicts

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Stunning make-up artist and a friend of BURSA Yulya Zalesskaya reveals her sources of inspiration and shares her favorite beauty instagrams.


High-quality beauty magazine, I advise to subscribe to its instagram to all those who are interested in the world of make-up.


Love her very much, it’s the cult make-up artist who started her career in the 80's. For 20 years she worked with Margiela, starting from his project in college.


I like his approach of associating make-ups with different objects / phenomena. In this way, the make-up is perceived as if by more receptors, causing emotions. I get a visual buzz from his works.


I consider him the main visagist-influencer in the fashion industry for today. He catches the spirit of time. His works are expressive, but at the same time weighed, with taste. By the way, it’s he who painted the campaign of Gucci Beauty lipstick line with a punk singer, which many did not understand.


I love the displays of archival collections of clothing. Like to consider the make-up as one of the components of the image as a whole.