BURSA Love: How Dasha met Ilya

Text: BURSA / Photo: Ira Evora / 14.02 10:13

BURSA connecting hearts

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She is the chef of White Noise, he is the cook of 1818 rooftop bar. Dasha and Ilya on their tasty love story that started at BURSA.

How did BURSA connect your hearts?

Ilya: I started working at the 1818 rooftop bar a year before Dasha came to BURSA. At that time, she was not even a chef here, just was consulting on the White Noise menu. There was no solemn acquaintance. She was just standing at the Strichka festival, and I realized that if I didn’t approach her right now, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Dasha: We got acquainted here but didn't have any chat after. I knew there was a guy, but I could hardly remember his name. And then I helped him and his friend with a stay during Strichka and somehow it turned out that two days after we started living together.

What dishes do you associate with each other and why?

Ilya: I think it’s a redfish, probably salmon. I can't explain why.

Dasha: I associate Ilya with a marmalade bun because I love both so much.

You cook together at work, but who cooks at home?

Elijah: Glovo!, KFC, McDonald`s. We cook occasionally. On weekends sometimes when the market is working near our house.

Dasha: We cook minimally. The coolest format аor us is simply to cut a mono-product on the board, such as cheese, meat, and baguette. When you work five days a week for twelve hours in the kitchen, you do not really wanna cook more.

What is your perfect romantic dinner recipe?

Dasha: For me, it’s cheese, sausages, and wine. Also, crabs can be added.

Ilya: Yes, I agree. It should be something simple.

Should the perfect dinner be at home or in the restaurant?

Elijah: At home!

Dasha: Definitely at home.

What romantic dish do you recommend to lead the way straight to the heart?

Dasha: You just need to know what your beloved person likes, you can find it out with some tricks. Someone who likes the McDonald's cheeseburger won’t understand if you invite him or her to a Michelin-starred restaurant. I think the most important thing is to create an atmosphere. Food is just an addition to make the quality of life higher. For example, we often have dinner at restaurants, and it's not a festive way for us.

Ilya: I agree with Dasha.