BURSA loves: 5 delicious wines from our bars

Text: BURSA / 25.02 12:50

Let's drink together

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Have a bar crawling without leaving the hotel — we selected the best wines from BURSA outlets.

1818 and White Noise Coffee & Bistro

Recommended by White Noise sommelier Mikhail Stefanyuk.

1818: Spumante La Matta

Sparkling biodynamic wine from Campania, with a fresh floral taste and light citrus notes. The perfect aperitif in any situation.

Why it's worth to try: bio-bubbles are deliciously invigorating, and the yeast sediment resembles a seahorse dance, just shake the bottle before opening.

White Noise: Niepoort, Rotulo Branco

Light and harmonious white dry wine of the Portuguese region of Dao. Fragrant, honey, with a touch of spring flowers and subtle minerality that will haunt you till the last sip.

Why it's worth to try: made of the same grape sorts as port-wine — and this is already enough to make sip. It will definitely become a good companion at lunch.

1818: Gatti Bolle Bandite

Stunning natural prosecco from the Italian Veneto, a bright representative of the Pet Nat. Its aroma resembles a little pear forgotten under the tree with a light touch of saltiness. Acidic but not sour.

Why it's worth to try: experiment with it if you consider yourself a daredevil.

KINO42: Berryland Cider

Recommended by Berryland founder Vitaly Karviga.

Natural drink with a soul made from different sorts of Ukrainian apples. You will surely find cider to your taste. Each flavor has a unique character: quince, berry, hops, honey. Tastes great both with salty and sweet snacks.

Why it's worth to try: bubbles are refreshing and acidity is invigorating. The main secret is good cinema to watch and the right temperature of the drink.

PARAKALΩ: Velue Rose Cabernet

Recommended by bar manager Bohdan Burkovetsky.

One of the first biodynamic wines of Austria. Unusual salmon shade and impressive flavor combination: ripe fruit, exciting berry notes, and light citrus blossoms. You already feel its rich mineral plume from the first glass. It is a great complement to white meat, fish, cold snacks and soft cheeses, but tastes great solo as well.

Why it's worth to try: with such glass of rose in a hand you may even dance on a bar counter.