kosh˙ ͜ʟ˙ and Supai Eepa @ PARAKALΩ

Text: BURSA / 17.09 17:11

Meet next magic duo at our new music bar September testing✨✨

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kosh˙ ͜ʟ˙ aka Hlib Koshukov is a Kyiv native, DJ and music activist. With friends, he created one of this year's best small festivals on the Black Sea beach called Biorhythm Fest. He also curated a series of lectures about vinyl called Kamerton and making Telegram channel about independent leftfield, experimental and new music Tuuuuuned. Expect unexpected grooves and melodies.


Supai Eepa is a moniker of Dmytro Goreniuk, 1/2 of the hottest-design-duo-in-Kyiv Jugoceania and part of Risa.Today team. Smart, fun and extra talented in everything he does. Expect "a very good reggaeton" as commented by one of the friends who heard what Dima usually plays.

20/09 21:00


BURSA media
BURSA media