PARAKALΩ grand opening

Text: BURSA / 14.10 10:59

New bar, new life

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Finally, the testing of new music bar PARAKALΩ is done. Now we know you need to dance here so badly. Little birdies, we invite you all to supa dupa official grand opening, and this is not a test.

On this special occasion our art director Sasha Tessio called on the decks the incredible DJ Sasha Grishin.

Grishin is a prominent figure in the Moscow’s strong music scene, a collector and music lover that chooses to move more in the background, making him a personal unsung hero. A resident of the legendary Solyanka, Simachev and Strelka Bar, he's built a reputation of one of the most curious DJs-storytellers. He's digitizing his records and rushing to the airport to play some magic this Friday.

Sasha Tessio is warming up.


On Saturday waiting for you fresh and shiny at grand afterparty with Eazy, a master of good vibes and DJ at кАчевники band.

C u sΩΩn

18-19/10, 21:00