Be my Valentine

Text: Anastasiia Koshelieva / 15.02 17:56

This Valentine's Day we celebrated different kinds of love. Love between partners, friends, parents&kids and self-love. BURSA invited 3 couples — friends Olya and Masha, Nastya with daughter Masha, and lovers Nikita and Alena. They told us about love and St. Valentines day.

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- Nastia, what is love for you?

- Love for me — is caring about my family and friends, shared time, and lots of hugs!

- What is St. Valentine's Day for you?

- St. Valentine's Day is a day when you can make something nice for your partner, it can be a present or just words.

- Alena and Nikita, what is love for you?

N - The desire to understand another person.

A - That was my answer. I said it to Nikita a long time ago and now he always uses it.

- What is St. Valentine's Day for you?

N - Valentine's Day for me is no different than any other day, I love every day.

A - For me, this is not a real holiday, because it has become too "marketing" day. For me, it is just an occasion for cool gifts.

- Olya and Masha, what is love for you?

O - What is love? I probably still can't answer this question accurately and correctly, although there is no right answer. Everyone has their love, infatuation, commitment, or duty. So I used to think that if you love, you should. Earlier, I have asked the question: "Why do you love me?", and I received a simple and clear answer from Ilja: "For nothing, just because you are you." Real love is when a person loves you just for nothing. Love is a source of joy, inspiration, and energy.

M - For me, love is the warmth inside, it is the meaning of every day love can be completely different, but this does not change its essence - it fills, inspires, and gives strength. This is difficult to explain in words. Love makes you a completely different person. Before I did not believe in love ... I believed that there is passion and affection. When I became a mother, I realized that it was unwise to judge and draw conclusions without knowing this feeling. Now love with me is everywhere.

- What is St. Valentine's Day for you?

O - Honestly? Probably nothing. I don't cultivate this holiday as much as I used to. I don't like these mainstream celebrations. I remember at school we gave each other anonymous valentines.

M - St. Valentine's Day is a day of fuss and dates for me.

BURSA encourages you to celebrate love every day and reminds you: we have all you need for your special occasion!

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