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BURSA Gallery is a multidisciplinary, fully non-profit project focused on the creation, implementation, and promotion of artistic and cultural initiatives in Ukraine. Our mission includes supporting Ukrainian artists and projects that seek new visuality, experiment in traditional arts, and work with contemporary media. The purpose of the project is to become the meeting point for a new generation of Ukrainian artists and their audiences. We want to create favorable conditions for the development of a local creative scene and the introduction of the Ukrainian cultural context to the international one – and vice versa.

The basis of the gallery's practice is expeditionary activity, during which we establish contacts with artists, curators, and institutions from all corners of Ukraine to form exhibition plans and generate ideas for future projects. Curatorial selection is focused solely on its relevance and our aesthetic preferences, rather than the financial profitability of the project. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, so entrance to all exhibitions is free.