Talk with Aleksandr Gudkov

Text: Anastasiia Koshelieva / Photo: Anastasiia Koshelieva / 23.10 10:39

Aleksander Gudkov is an elusive person. Yesterday he was in Moscow, today he is shooting a new project in Kyiv. Aleksander stayed at BURSA for a few days and we managed to make a short interview with him.

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- How did your day start?

- My day has begun in Moscow at 3 AM. I haven't slept yet. We filmed an advertisement for Procter&Gamble with Katerina Varnava and Ilya Prusikin.

Then we shot a promo for “Vechernyu Urgant”, someone poured water on me, so I became totally wet. After shooting we went to the airport and flew to Istanbul. From Istanbul to Kiev. Then to another shooting and now it is 10 pm and I am finally here.

- What is your favorite movie and why?

- I cannot name one, but the movie that I’m repeatedly watching every 3 months is Interstellar. I like Nolan’s movies and waiting for his last work. However, Interstellar is one of my favorites. I like everything there - the acting, the music, and the message. I remember when I first saw

it in the cinema, I went out with pain in limbs, because the whole movie I sat

gnarled. I didn't even realize that I was in the cinema. I thought I was in space.

-If you had a chance to spend a day in somebody else's shoes, who would it be?

- Oh, I would like to live anyone’s life. Olga Buzova’s life for example. I think her life is an absolute attraction, 24/7 Ferris wheel with illumination. I'm so omnivorous in this aspect. The life of a mother, sister, the first teacher. In general, there are so many people whose life I want to try.

- Why is your cat's name Louse?

- It is a rhetorical question. Maybe cause for me louse is a common word denoting a character with a certain ensemble of qualities. Namely: filth, gloating, rancor, deceit, and flattery. There are five designations of the word “louse”. My cat has them all

In general, red cats are very wayward. Now Nit lives with my friends and I live with other cats. Their names are Chewbacca, Cat, and Beast. Seems I'm turning into an old cat lady.

- With whom would you like to work from Ukrainian artists?

- In general, with absolutely everyone, I am open to every proposal. For me Ukrainian pop culture is head and shoulders above Russian cause there is a young generation of artists here.

- Top - three of your favorite places in Kyiv?

- If I knew Kiev so well, I would say. So I can recommend only BURSA. The first floor of BURSA, the last floor of BURSA and - an incredibly huge terrace with crunchy surnyki. It is the best place for me cause here you can see Kyiv's heart and soul. I am happy to come back to BURSA.

- One of your vivid childhood memories?

- I remember how my parents prepared me for school in 1989. I lived in Stupino. It was a time of a deficit, my mother went to Moscow every week for groceries. There were so-called “sausage” trains. We always met her at a certain time, she came with green bananas, sausages and fruit margarine. One day mum came with something big and I did not understand what it was. While she was coming closer, I realized that my mother bought a globe.

- Do you like Kyiv?

- Yes. Kyiv reminds me of the countryside. I am feeling relaxed here. Everyone is easygoing. As all people go hiking. I like this feeling.

- And the last question, does an actor always act?

- Cool question. Whoever considers himself/herself an actor is always acting.

Who does not consider - lives as he wants. For me, the word actor is a bit scary. I'm definitely not an actor. Clown, antics, joker - yes.