Berlin bouncer Frank Künster: “I feel young”

Text: BURSA / Photo: Ira Evora / 21.02 08:54

Talk with BURSA guest

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Berlin bouncer Frank Künster was staying at BURSA during the premiere of the documentary film “Berlin bouncer” at Intro festival. We had a small talk with him on his work, the road trip to Novosibirsk, and Chornobyl.

On Kyiv:

I have only been to “Kanapa” in Kyiv. People from the Intro festival invited me there. It's Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, but even more than that. It was very nice.

On Chornobyl:

Tomorrow I`m visiting Chornobyl because I want to see what it looks like I’m not afraid of radiation. I saw the pictures and films about it: people ran away, left everything. It's like a horror movie a little bit. I also wonder to see how nature captures back its space and the sarcophagus that was built above the nuclear reactor.

My interest is not evoked by the HBO series, I haven't seen it. Moreover, I even remember the date of the disaster. I was on the trip with my friends when we heard that Chornobyl was exploding. And it's also a geopolitical context when you think of a big picture. The problem of Chornobyl is one of the reasons why Germany could be reunified.

On road trip:

Since King Size Bar was closed 28 months ago I was sort of taking the year off: did nothing and traveled a little bit. I made a trip by car from Berlin to Novosibirsk, then to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. That's why I know Russian words a little bit. I’m addicted to “yablochniy sok”. “Mashina ploho”, because my car was broken in Kazakhstan. “Kuritsa” because I like to eat chicken.

I was having a lot of parties during my vacation. I usually go to bars five times a week until four or six in the morning, it depends. I will never be too old for this, I feel young.

On being bouncer:

There were some issues with my work as a bouncer because people still see me in this role only. At King Size Bar guests wondered to find out that I was the owner and worked at the door at the same time. But in the last 15-16 months, my work was more like a performance at private VIP parties. It was just my normal day to stay in front of the door and say hello to girls and boys.