When Juicy met Couture: First anniversary of the best DJ duo

Text: Santana Preap / Photo: Vladyslav Chabanenko / 10.12 16:19

Interview with hottest PARAKALΩ residents

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This Saturday, December 14, Juicy Couture anniversary DJ set will take place in music bar PARAKALΩ. Already a legendary duo is two friends — Bohdan Burkovetsky, PARAKALΩ and 1818 bar manager, and Bohdan Ohrimenko — the fierce cat fan (subscribe to the best cat telegram channel he launched @thischarmingcat). For a year now, with their tracks, these guys have been pushing all the girls on the dance floor off the ground to shake their booties on the bar counter all night long. Find the secret of their success in the interview.

How did you meet?

Bohdan Juicy: Honestly, we've been around for too long to remember the details.

Bohdan Couture: We’ve met in 2011, but only talked when we met at parties or happened to meet somewhere in town. We started making friends when Bohdan worked at the Hashtag bar, and I used to go there very often because it was the best bar.

How did you understand you want to play together?

Bohdan Juicy: Bohdan understood it, and I organized.

Bohdan Couture: When Bohdan started working at the 1818 bar, one of the parties that took place there played the R’n’B of the 2000s, and I saw that these songs are much more popular than other songs. After that party, I went to Bohdan and suggested to do a party with music in the genre of R’n’B and hip-hop of the ’00s, and call it "Juicy Couture". Bohdan replied that he had to think, but I saw that he liked the idea. A few days later, he called me and said that there won’t be a party with such a name, because this is how our duet is called, and I have a week to prepare the tracklist. That's how it all began.

Why Juicy Couture?

Bohdan Juicy: As a marker of a certain time. First of all, we came to love the pop music of the beginning of the ‘00s. Therefore, everything that at that time was the subject of dreams, desires and the path to self-expression is our theme. However, the basic idea is not to privatize the memories of an entire generation into a separate project, but to bring people together in a joking way for the very simple purpose of having a good, fun and carefree Saturday night together.

How do you hint a girl that you like her?

Bohdan Couture: This question is better answered by Bohdan, he is more competent in this.

Bohdan Juicy: Juicy Couture only likes girls who dance. So, if you dance — we like you, hints are superfluous.

What has changed in the year of your collaboration?

Bohdan Juicy: Honestly, I don't want to see anything change. None of us is planning a DJ career. We like when people have fun, we like to make an effort to do it. During the year our audience at parties increased, this is OK. Let it be everything as it is.

Bohdan Couture: Bohdan and I became close friends.

You have a fair constant repertoire. When are you going to change it?

Bohdan Couture: Never, it starts every time with different music,

but ends the same.

Bohdan Juicy: We are constantly changing our repertoire. Each time we choose a new concept of music and put it in the first hour or two. However, at the end of the party, we return to what we love most with our friends. Perhaps I would be happy to play new music every time, but the request for favorite tracks is permanent, after all, who we are so as not to give our friends what they want.

Why are people coming to your parties?

Bohdan Juicy: It's fun with us. That's enough.

Bohdan Couture: Because we have the best atmosphere.

Which of you is a good cop and who is a bad cop? For what reason would you detain people at your parties?

Bohdan Juicy: ACAB, there are no cops here. But there are bad guys. I would have detained all the girls for no reason. You are entitled to slow dance and a few cocktails at the bar.

How to add more glamor to everyday life?

Bohdan Juicy: Every time you don't know the answer, ask yourself: "what would Britney do?"

Bohdan Couture: Listen to Fergie's "Glamorous".

If you were protagonists of the movie, what would it be?

Bohdan Juicy: Of course, “The Bodyguard”. We have situations when someone is Whitney Houston and someone is Kevin Costner. It’s great when you have such friends who will save you from the shot of crazy fans, but we’ll leave the explanation beyond the interview.

Bohdan Couture: “CatDog” cartoon series would be more appropriate for us. I'm a cat, and Bohdan is a dog.

What is the name for Bohdan on your phone book?

Bohdan Juicy: Bohdan.

Bohdan Jusi: Bohdan.