POEXXXALI band: "We absorb negative energy"

Text: BURSA / Photo: Lyu Chirkova / 04.02 15:51

Interview with the darkest BURSA guests

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Members of the POEXXXALI band Poko Cox and Wild Is on their style, climate change, and Darkmenistan visa.

How was your New Year at BURSA?

Poko Cox: It was hot and cold at the same time. It was cold on stage first, and then it was hot. To be honest, I don`t remember, what was happening before and after the gig.

And what about the gig itself?

Poko Cox: Yeah, that was cool. The cops were passing by and we’ve almost managed to wish them Happy New Year from the stage, but they were shy and left quickly.

Do you often give interviews?

Wild Is: No, this is the first one.

But I definitely saw at least two.

Wild Is: It was a completely different format. We rarely agree to give interviews, but we really liked BURSA, so we decided to do it.

Where did the pussy go (the band has a song “Pussy gone” — BURSA)?

Poko Cox: This song is based on real life. My cat tries to escape all the time. I always ask my guests to close the doors and windows so my pussy couldn’t run away. The story of the writing this song was the following: every member had to add his own flow. My flow was a thing that first came to my mind — my pussy.

Where is Darkmenistan?

Wild Is: The name sounds quite southern as if it is near Turkmenistan. In fact, it is between Romania and Moldova. To be more precise, it’s under Romania, over Moldova. It is possible to get there, but it's difficult. We don't give a visa to everyone.

And how to get this visa?

Poko Cox: Many people have already got the visa on New Year's Eve. Furthermore, they had even visited Darkmenistan without realizing it.

Do you think you have a style?

Wild Is: Yes, of course, every person has one, even if he\she doesn`t. Kyiv has a strong style. Every country we’ve been to is pretty cool, there is awesome architecture in Europe. But in terms of how people represent themselves, Kyiv is a true source of self-made characters. And it's more about the vibe, not the visual style.

If you came from the dark side, who is on the bright one?

Wild Is: We have both good and bad sides, heaven and hell inside us, just like every human being.

But you are positioning yourself as vampires. They are not on the bright side.

Wild Is: Why? There are energetic vampires, and energy is different too. Maybe we absorb other people's negative energy and turn it into positive energy. This question can be answered differently, but the meaning doesn't change: we carry both light and darkness.

How do you feel about the threat of climate change? Is the end of the world coming soon?

Wild Is: I often ask this question too. I don't have a definite opinion about that.

Poko Cox: I'm afraid of that.

Wild Is: I like the warm weather, but I understand that all of us, parasites of the human race, will disappear. Hopefully soon.

Which of the Ukrainian artists would you like to collaborate with?

Poko Cox: With Skryabin.

Wild Is: But it’s not possible. Kuzma was such a cool dude.

What are your New Year resolutions?

Poko Cox: Winter is warm, water is wet, the sun is burning, it is hot in hell and comfortable in heaven. That`s all.

Wild Is: New Year is total shit, but I love it since childhood. And unfortunately, it cannot be changed.