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Text: BURSA / 24.04 06:33

BURSA loves eco-consciousness

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April is a month of ecology at BURSA. Vasily Grogol’s personal assistant and eco-activist Yegor tells about the issues of garbage disposal in Ukraine and how everyone can change the world for the better.

Everything is in our hands, this is our responsibility and our planet. The environment is in such a miserable state that cleaning up is not enough, you should not produce garbage. More than 7% of Ukraine's territory is landfill. The principle "if you want to change something — start with yourself" works here same as everywhere else in life. If every citizen begins to sort the rubbish, the situation is likely to change. All that you need is 5 containers: glass, plastic, paper, metal and organic.

My friends and I regularly organize volunteer clean-ups in park areas. Also, I sometimes help "Eсoverts" initiative, which makes any mass action harmless to the environment. Guys meet in the morning after raves and parties and sort garbage.

The point is not only in the absence of eco-culture, we do not have enough waste recycling capacity. If all Kyivans massively begin to sort garbage, then it will not be recycled anywhere, and nobody starts new facilities, as with the current legislation it is a very risky and doubtful investment.

In BURSA we recycle garbage, but the services of the company, which simply takes it to the landfill, more than 2 times cheaper. I think that for many enterprises this is too much an obstacle to the conscious management of waste. And this is a big problem.

Garbage should be clean, otherwise it will not be accepted. In civilized countries, non-liquid garbage is burned and secondary filtration and gas are produced. We just have nothing to do with it. Those few incinerators that exist do not meet any standards and pollute the air so much that it's better to carry garbage to the landfill.

I have never been disturbed by meat, but recently I learned that, I apologize, the "farts" of cows pollute the air more than cars, planes and ships combined. Now I'm honestly thinking to abandon beef.

We also created the NGO "Generation of Adventures". We are working on creating an online platform that will bring together initiatives across the country in one community, and indifferent people will be able to find each other and solve problems together. All those who wish to join our initiative, do not hesitate, we are always glad to your help.

Photos by Ira Evora

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