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Text: Anastasiia Koshelieva / Photo: Anastasiia Koshelieva / 15.10 09:57

Art guide with BURSA

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Serhiy Zhernov, an artist-designer and founder of the @zhernov_artifactory jewelry brand. He became a guest of our Sharing is Caring section. Very versatile, he makes jewelry, paintings, and sculptures by hand. Several of his works are presented at BURSA, so we invited him to talk to us about inspiration and art in general.

-How you can describe your art?

-My art is an inner impulse of great power to create my own, alternative, reality. This is a process of departure from everyday life, a certain escapism.

-What inspires you?

-Creativity is an everyday working process, and inspiration comes in this process of daily work, motivating yourself to action. You are sending your thoughts in search of ideas.

-Why are there so many skulls and bones in your works?

-The design and aesthetics of textures created by nature are perfect. I like to borrow them. At a deep level, it is also a philosophical issue of life, death, and life questions.

-How do you see your art in 50 years? Because everything becomes more technological and modern.

-I think I will stay true to living aesthetics. I like to create artifacts.

-How do you see art now?

-Art is getting dirty, it works more and more reflects reality, which many people use for creativity. In my understanding, art is designed to elevate a person and point him to bright things. Art should not reflect the worldview of the majority.

-Is it difficult to be an artist now?

-Being an artist has always been difficult. When you want to convey your vision and are not focused on demand. But if you are made for this, then you go through it. My path is difficult, but it is a pleasant difficulty. It's like a game or passion. It is interesting to transmit your vision to people.

-How did you realize that you want to be an artist?

-From the age of 13, I helped my father in his workshop, then worked for his company, which produces handmade souvenirs. But my formation comes from the opposite. I was, as it were, promoted and transferred from work in workshops to work in the office. I realized that I can not work like this. I gathered my thoughts, resigned, and started making small designs and small decorations. It all started with this - getting out of the comfort zone.

-Top three artists?

-Damian Hirst is a top commercial artist. He has many areas and ideas that are commercially successful. Salvador Dali is, for me, one of the top characters in art, who has influenced all areas - design, art, and the world in general. And Van Gogh is an example of a person when you go through such a pressure of uncertainty, but at the same time, you are burning with creativity.