Airaboi and Tessio | Taranovsky @ PARAKALΩ

Text: BURSA / 30.10 09:43

First time in Kyiv, don't miss!

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Airaboi, the long-awaited fall headliner this Friday in PARAKALΩ. With the support of Sasha Tessio.

Airaboi is Berlin-based DJ and creator of the Banned In Vegas label. The project was born in early 2014 after leaving behind countless nights on the decks of almost every DJ booth of the underground clubs in his hometown, Valencia. He's cultivating his own sound merging romanticism with strong grooves. First time in Kyiv, don't miss!

Sasha Tessio is PARAKALΩ art director, DJ and creator of the music media Krossfingers. Since 2013, Pender Street Steppers, Prins Thomas, Lipelis and many others have appeared in the podcast series of the same name. Sasha leads the No Way Back show on the French online radio LYL, and traveled all over Europe from Stockholm to Dusseldorf with a tour.

01/11 21:00


The weekend groove continues Serge Taranovskiy, an experienced music lover and curator of Music For Murder show. This Saturday Serge Taranovsky will break your Shazam with the songs from heaven, lost & found records and a balm for connaisseurs.

02/11 21:00