PARAKALΩ November parties

Text: BURSA / 11.11 13:15

Plan your pleasure in advance

BURSA media

Coolest Kyiv kids and a French rarities seeker on the decks, so sorry, but you’ll have to cancel your sadness this November.

8.11 kosh˙ ͜ʟ˙ , Oberezhno

kosh˙ ͜ʟ˙ aka Hlib Koshukov is a Kyiv native, DJ and music activist. With friends, he created one of this year's best small festivals on the Black Sea beach called Biorhythm Fest. He also curated a series of lectures about vinyl called Kamerton and making Telegram channel about independent leftfield, experimental and new music Tuuuuuned. Expect unexpected grooves and melodies.


Welcome the debutant in PARAKALΩ, Oberezhno. This kid listens to music all day long. So expect a well-crafted selection of Afro, dark disco and dance-rock tunes.

9.11 Juicy Couture

Your fav PARAKALΩ resident Juicy Couture unbreakable duo presents ‘From dusk till dawn’ edition — wait for hot as hell evening in the best traditions of parties in Eldorado.

15.11 Zaltan

Excited to welcome in PARAKALΩ a king of Antinote label, Paris-based DJ Zaltan. Wandering through record shops and flea markets, looking for French rarities and yet to be discovered records, Quentin Vandewalle has gathered thousands of dancefloor-friendly tunes of all eras and from all over the world. Zaltan has been djing for more than a decade and he makes a point of honor to deliver mixes as surprising and versatile as the label he runs. If you show yourself at a party where he plays you may find yourself falling into a maelstrom of Caribbean bangers, French proto-house tracks, dark electro fantasies, and god knows what else he’ll take out of his bag.

Sasha Tessio warming-up.

16.11 Serge Taranovsky

Serge Taranovsky is an experienced music lover and curator of Music For Murder show. A connoisseur of vibes in open spaces and private parties. While you are sitting on the couch, he forges a hip-hop mix in the ghetto in the heart of the metropolis where chains of stalls burn under the ramps of interchanges.

22.11 Misha & David

This duo is a cornerstone of 20ft Radio team, hosts of the 'Morning Show' and Kyiv music underground dudes. They rocked the parties in different clubs and bars around so don't miss their mix of intelligent, dark and groovy music with a punk attitude.

23.11 Tesh

Tesh is our friend, Kosatka bartender, the drunkest monkey in the area and the sincerest selector. In his sets, he's mixing the finest disco with samba, 90s hidden gems and house music, don't miss!

29.11 cp aka beebzy

30.10 Yevhenii

Soundee co-founder and curator of worldwide grooves radioshow Izipho Zam on 20ft radio. This evening, Yevhenii prepared a selection of African records for your listening pleasure.